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The only place in India where food is cheap.....

The only place in India where food is cheap.....
Tea Rs. 1.00 Soup Rs. 5.50 Dal Rs. 1.50 Meals Rs. 2.00 Chappathi Rs. 1.00 Chicken Rs. 24.50 Dosa Rs. 4.00 Veg Briyani Rs. 8.00 Fish Rs. 13.00
This is actual price list. These itetms are meant for "POOR PEOPLE" & is available at Indian Parliament Canteen. The salary of those poor people is Rs.80000 per Month!! in addition to Rs. 10,000 as DA (without tax) PLUS HEFTY BONUS IN SCAMS....
(This all money comes from our pocket, TAXES YOU PAY)
I received this E mail from my friend

Safe Search Filtering

With Safe search you can blocks web pages

containing explicit sexual contentsin reference to: "SafeSearch Filtering"
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Google reader

This is the page where you can see my like,

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Every Gujarati in this world be proud of being a Gujarati…

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"Every Gujarati in this world be proud of being a Gujarati… The best in the World be in Gujarat… Let each Gujarati contribute towards making a better World. Let Gujarat be free from sickness… Let Gujarat be clean and green… Let each and every Gujarati be committed to our Mother India."
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Nasha Image of the day

Nasha image of the day,

You can find so many good images with detail on this

Page, you can also add this stuff to your

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Facebook is good networking site but addiction of

Facebook is dangerous !!!!!! Google is Good &

providing everything you need......Help section of

Google is very Helpful.......... I am Using both

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