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Ride on Delhi and Ahmedabad buses with Google Maps

Ride on Delhi and Ahmedabad buses with Google Maps: "More people, in our metro cities, use local bus services to commute than any other transport network/medium. Inspite of this, the availability and dissemination of route and schedule information of these service have tremendous scope for improvement. Furthering our goal of expanding transit coverage of Indian cities, we are glad to announce the addition of DTC (Delhi Transport Corporation) and AMTS (Ahmedabad Municipal Transport Services) bus services to Google Transit. These cities join Mumbai, Bangalore and Pune bus services that are already available apart from 450 cities globally.

How to make the best use of Google Transit

Not only is it very easy to plan your trip, but you can also find a trip that involves a) fewer transfers b) less walking or c) uses a particular type of transit service (trains or buses), using Google Transit
Search for information to reach from Place A to B on Google Maps, the results will show a map with …