The secret to being rich lies in remembering that friendship is priceless,time is invaluable,health is wealth, love is a treasure
Create a nest egg of beautiful memories that you can dip into from time to time to ease any sorrow
Have a kind of remembrances that raise you up with their worth and keep you there with their wonder.
Always have a supply of hopes on hand to help you plan your tomorrows.
Remember that when you invest in your dreams, it is impossible to overpay.
Give away smiles, and watch them come back to you a hundred times over.
Stuff your pockets with kindness and optimism; there is nothing more precious in the world.
I am Sharing this advice with you today because you are treasured piece in the puzzle of my life.


patahati said…
can we say that our life like is puzzle? there is nice phylosofi, thanks.
sinbad said…
i guess you made me rich by being my friend

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